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Полный обзор Zcash (ZEC), особенности криптовалюты простым языком и перспективы на 2018 год. Курс Zcash (ZEC) - на сегодня $66.89. Изменение цены на -2.70% упал на за последние 24 часа.

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Zcash is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that offers privacy and selective transparency of transactions using advanced cryptography.

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This Tuesday at Jalisco Talent Land 2019! Catch @BradleyDMiller, Developer Relations Manager, presenting "The Pursuit of Economic Freedom: An Introduction to Zcash." @talent_net #TalentLand


➡️ Please RT and share across your channels! ⬅️The reference wallet team @zcashco wants to hear from you! Have a question? Post it now - get in the queue! #ZcashRefWalletQA #zcash https://t.co/ZTu5hvKw3i

Ask the #Zcash Reference Wallet Team a few questions! Submit them to @zcashco anytime between now and May 1st + #ZcashRefWalletQA. On May 1st at 6PM UTC (Noon MDT) the team will answer as many of the questions as they can in 30 minutes.Join the thread to ask follow-up questions!

A growing number of charitable causes accept Zcash. Their missions range from privacy advocacy to freedom of the press and more. Explore the possibilities! Connect with a worthy cause - today! #zcash #donate


Weekly Update (Community + Comms):
-Canceled plans to implement the feature of Splitting the Founder’s Reward (FR) in the NU2 Blossom upgrade
-Zcash Empowers Charitable Giving
-People Behind Zcash Technology: Jack Grigg


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